ITER Business Forum 2015 (IBF/15)

For the fourth time, the ITER Business Forum (IBF) is organized in France. The IBF has become the place to be for industry and this time will take place in Marseille, South of France, from 25 to 27 March 2015 (see

This time the Dutch BigScience ILO-network is represented by Eric Boom.

Eric Boom took his PhD in experimental physics at the University of Amsterdam in 1981 and has been working at Airbus Defence & Space NL for over 30 years. There he was active in various technical and managerial roles, the last 15 years as Business Development Manager in the area of instrumentation for Space and Big Science programmes (which included ITER in particular). After his retirement in late 2013 he founded EB Consultancy and remained active in Big Science as an industrial consultant for ILO-Net. In this quality he represents the interests of innovative Dutch industries who want to work in the Big Science arena. In addition, he became the Dutch Member of the Fusion Industry Innovation Forum (FIIF) management board, which assists in preparing the way for DEMO at a European industrial level.

Dutch industry has been well represented in the past: during third ITER Business Forum (2013) in Toulon, 718 participants (from 386 companies, universities or research institutions) from 24 countries attended, including about 40 attendants from 18 companies and institutions from the Netherlands.

The three days programme includes an industrial conference with presentations given by ITER Organization, Domestic Agencies and several of their suppliers as well as an optional programme of technical tours on 25 March (including the ITER worksite visit), 1-1 Meetings on 26 and 27 March 2015, scheduled on line by companies themselves in advance and social events such as a welcome reception on 25 March in the evening and a gala dinner on 26 March at the venue for networking purposes.

At previous occasions, ITER-NL has coordinated industrial participation from the Netherlands. This time,  the Dutch Big Science ILO-Net platform has assumed this role and will be represented by Eric Boom in Marseille for on-site industrial support (also using the Dutch ILO-stand at the conference).

Date:       Wednesday, 25 March, 2015 to Friday, 27 March, 2015
Location:  Palais du Pharo, Marseille
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