Manufacturing Technology Conference


Manufacturing Technology Conference
By Ramon Navarro

Mikrocentrum, ASML, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and the Knowledge Sharing Centre joined forces to organize the first edition of the Manufacturing Technology Conference. With a shared vision of advancing knowledge in the realm of manufacturing technologies and manufacturability, this conference brought together leading technicians from the design and manufacturing industries. The primary objective of the Manufacturing Technology Conference was to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among professionals, focusing on the critical aspect of manufacturability. By providing a platform for developers to explore previously uncharted possibilities, the event aimed to propel the industry forward and facilitate breakthroughs in manufacturing techniques.

Distinguished by its unique approach, the conference invited 75 suppliers to showcase a particular manufacturing process. Unlike traditional business meetings, these companies were encouraged to spotlight specific manufacturing technologies through poster presentations. Attendees were presented with the advantages, drawbacks, and potential applications of each technology. Each poster is available online, including a video presentations for deeper insights.

To streamline information dissemination, the conference organizers categorized the knowledge about the development, manufacturing, and testing of functional products into various focused topics: additive manufacturing, cleaning processes, complex systems, connection techniques, engineering innovations, forming processes, material treatment methods, and more. Participants could easily access the topics that piqued their interest, guiding them to valuable insights. The Manufacturing Technology Conference's program contains a diverse range of activities. Attendees had the opportunity to gain inspiration and insights from keynote speakers, benefit from interactive tech talks, enhance their skills through masterclasses, and participate in dynamic round table meetings, which encouraged open discussions and collaborative problem-solving.

By fostering an environment of shared learning and expertise exchange, the Manufacturing Technology Conference achieved its mission of increasing awareness and knowledge about manufacturability. Participants left the event with a clearer understanding of cutting-edge technologies, innovative manufacturing processes, and new avenues for driving efficiency and sustainability in their industries. As the first edition of what promises to be an annual event, the Manufacturing Technology Conference has laid a solid foundation for future advancements in the field. The collaborations and connections formed during this extraordinary gathering are sure to fuel progress in manufacturing and pave the way for a more innovative, interconnected, and thriving industry. For those who missed this year's conference, be sure to mark your calendars for next year's event. The Manufacturing Technology Conference is set to become an essential fixture in the manufacturing industry's calendar, where breakthroughs are made, ideas flourish, and the future of manufacturing technology is shaped.