Big Science

Big Science means groundbreaking fundamental research that is carried out in large international collaborations. This research requires expensive and technologically advanced research infrastructures.

This website is a portal to show the opportunities for Dutch industry to participate in Big Science, through collaborations with scientific institutes or to respond on tenders of the Big Science Facilities.

Big Science in the North

Shared Knowledge Innovation Learning Lab (SKILL) in Drachten, Netherlands

Manufacturing Technology Conference

Manufacturing Technology Conference
By Ramon Navarro

Mikrocentrum, ASML, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and…

Big Science.NL at the Vision, Motion & Robotics

The industrial fair Vision, Motion & Robotics organised by Mikrocentrum…
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The ILO-net issues a company brochure at the occasion of new events. As an example shown here is the brochure that was issued for the Dutch Precision Fair 2022.

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Get involved

You can register your company; you will then be put in contact with the ILO-net who can provide you with information about relevant Calls for Tender. You will also receive regular invitations to Big Science events. You can also register here for a page in the ILO-net company brochure.

Research organisations

A few research organisations are highlighted below.
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CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research