Precision Fair 2022

16-11-2022 - 17-11-2022

This year’s edition of the Precision Fair was the traditional occasion to meet many people, both long time connections and new contacts. The ILO-net was present with a large booth with on the walls photos printed of high precision equipment from the institutes and the Big Science organisation with which they are connected.

Physically, models of two satellites from SRON were shown as well as an X-ray mirror from Cosine and a module of the new vertex detector for LHCb; each showing the precision technologies required to build equipment for Big Science. An interactive model of the free electron laser, FELIX, located at the Radboud university of Nijmegen drew a lot of attention and exhibited the principles of the system.

The neighbouring and well connected stand hosted by the INTER-REG projects related to the Einstein Telescope presented demonstrations of equipment necessary for the Einstein Telescope and engaged with industry to look for partners to solve the various technological challenges that we face in building the Einstein Telescope. 

On the Wednesday, an afternoon of presentations from the Big Science domain gave the audience an idea of the current status of affairs of the James Webb Space Telescope and future work for Dutch industry for the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope. From CERN, the developments for CLIC were presented with a focus on the use of the technology in various societal domains especially the use in radiation therapy; the FLASH project conducted between CERN and the Lausanne university hospital. The companies Somni Solutions and Cosine presented work they performed for Big Science organisations; respectively for ITER and ESA, showing how this also enhances their other activities. The session was closed by a presentation of the opportunities for work to be done for ITER - Fusion for Energy (F4E). The presentations can be found here

Thursday saw a continued flow of interested visitors pass by both the ILO-net and Einstein Telescope stands. Jan Visser, the coordinator of the ILO-net and at Nikhef also involved in connecting companies with the Einstein Telescope, was invited to BNR news radio to explain the work the ILO-net is doing and how Big Science and particularly the future Einstein Telescope can positively impact the local and the society at large. 

Looking back, we can conclude that the Precision Fair 2022, was again well organised by the Mikrocentrum and provided an excellent occasion to interact with people from various organisations to strengthen and expand our network in supporting Dutch companies in their relations with Big Science organisations.