HTSM meets Big Science


On the second of June 2023 HTSM and the Dutch network of industrial liaison officers BigScience.NL joint forces to introduce the world of business related to Big Science organisations to a broader audience. The aim of the meeting was threefold; introduce the network of liaison officers and their support in connecting companies with Big Science organisations to sell parts or systems, work together in finding solutions for challenges or take up knowledge of technology to improve products or create new products through innovation. The second part was focused on sharing experience by companies who have worked closely together with Big Science. They explained their attitude, philosophy and goals in engaging with these organisations; what they sought and obtained from these projects – knowledge, technological advances, other ways to manufacture products, etc. The last part was dedicated to providing insight into the challenges facing a number of projects that require the involvement of industrial partners in both the development of new solutions and the subsequent production.

Nearly 50 participants made their way to Mikrocentrum in Veldhoven, to listen, make new connections and discuss a wide range of topics and challenges. The conclusion of the meeting was that there are interesting challenges that together we can resolve and that the most efficient way to approach these challenges is by starting the collaboration between science and industry as early as possible, preferably before any fundamental choices have been made and that the involvement of system engineers especially in this initial phase is of paramount importance.

The programme with the various speakers and presentations can be found below:

Introduction of the Network of Industrial Liaison Officers - BigScience.NL – Jan Visser (Nikhef) 

Motivation & approach to engage with Big Science

  • Experiences with ESO – Arno van Mourik (Airborne)
  • Experiences with CERN – Ton Peijnenburg (VDL-ETG)
  • Experiences with F4E & space – Samo Simonian (ATG-Europe)

Upcoming projects in science

  • Opportunities within the domain of energy research – Marco de Baar (DIFFER)
  • Challenges for the Einstein Telescope – Rob van der Meer (Nikhef) & Jorg van der Meij (LIOF)
  • Projects at ESA – Jan Geralt bij de Vaate (SRON)