Big Science & Knowledge Transfer at Mikrocentrum


This meeting, organised in collaboration between the ILO-net and the roadmap Advanced Instrumentation, was aimed at showing how Big Science organisations like CERN, ESA and F4E can be seen as a technology supplier in three main ways. The two most common ways are through obtaining knowledge in the process of providing goods that are either built in a co-development partnership or solely by the information that is given and fundamental to produce the goods according to the desired specifications. A third form is by obtaining a license to use technology and or know-how developed by such organisations.

The meeting was well attended by companies from both networks. The first part of the meeting was dedicated to presentations about CERN, ESA and F4E and their respective institutes in The Netherlands, Nikhef, SRON and DIFFER.

In the second part of the meeting six presentations were scheduled from companies, who had in various ways obtained new knowledge, know-how or a license to commercialise a certain technology. Each presentation contained the key parts that were learned or taken on board, but also lessons learned on how to deal with Big Science organisations.