BSBF with 1000 delegates was a big success

The first Big Science Busines Forum in Copenhagen was a joint conference where many Representatives from European companies could meet with Delegates from CERN, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESRF, ESS, European XFEL, F4E and ILL. Except these nine organizing Big Science Instituts there were also Delegates from other BS-facilities: ALBA, DESY, ELI-NP, ENEA, FAIR, MAX IV, SCK•CEN – MYRRHA, PSI and SKA.


The Dutch ILO-Net who was one of the founding fathers of this first BSBF with many more to come, had a big booth with almost 20 Dutch high-tech companies. The busines profiles of these companies can be found on our special BSBF-site: big-science-business-forum-in-copenhagen


Brochure of the BSBF-report you can find here.


There you will also find our Dutch company brochure with almost 200 experienced Dutch Big Science vendors and other important information about this BSBF as wel as some photos.


After this successful event the Pan-European ILO-organisations decided to plan a next BSBF within two years.


The ILO-net is part of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)


ILO-net coordinator:
Gerard Cornet

Backoffice manager:
Jacqueline de Jong