Science and industry explore opportunities at first Dutch fusion day

On Friday 3 May 2024, the first edition of the Dutch Fusion Day will take place in Eindhoven. A brand new event, organized by DIFFER, EIRES (TU/e) and ILO-net.

We are living in a very interesting and dynamic time for fusion power, in a positive sense. We are seeing unprecedented private funding, countries stepping up their R&D efforts towards fusion and a great interest in public-private partnerships. A growing number of startups are also getting involved in the playing field.

Dutch Fusion Day 2024
The ‘battle’ has started: the United States, China, the European Union and the United Kingdom all want to be first. How does this help accelerate developments in nuclear fusion? Which reactor concepts are the most promising? And what gaps remain in the scientific and technological field?

Knowledge, relationships and opportunities
This growing (inter)national interest in fusion and the scientific progress made in recent years creates opportunities for the Dutch High Tech and Big Science industry. Economics, regulations, public support and political support are fundamental for a successful introduction of fusion energy. The Dutch Fusion Day is the moment to exchange knowledge, establish relationships with Dutch industry and scientists and better understand opportunities from international fusion programmes.

Science and industry
The Dutch Fusion Day has a scientific morning programme including the following speakers:
- Dr Josefine Proll, Eindhoven University of Technology
- Prof. Dr. Hans van Oort, University of Twente
- Dr. Erik Offerman, Delft University of Technology
- Prof. Dr Behnam Taebi, Delft University of Technology
- Dr Thomas Morgan, DIFFER
- Prof. Dr Marco de Baar, DIFFER (panel discussion)

A networking lunch will be followed by the afternoon programme focusing on (cooperation with) industry, in the presence of the following speakers:
- Cyrille Mai Thanh, director for the EU of Fusion Industry Association
- Valerie Jamieson, development manager of UKAEA The Fusion Cluster
- Matthew Smith, senior consultant at Trinomics
- Milena Roveda, CEO Gauss fusion
- Paul Hieltjes, ILO-net

The day offers plenty of opportunities for visitors to network and will conclude with an (optional) tour of DIFFER's research facilities. The intention is to make this first national fusion day a recurring event. 

More information about the Dutch Fusion Day, the full programme and a registration form can be found on this website.

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