Thursday the 20th of April 2023, BigScience NL (also known as the Dutch ILO-net) organised a workshop on cryogenic instrumentation at SRON, the Netherlands Institute for Space Research in Leiden to connect science and industry. We learned about successful start-ups in this domain that have originated from the University in Leiden, vibration reduction for cryogenic temperature setups for the Einstein Telescope by Cryoworld, the Technical University Twente and JPE from Maastricht in de context of the ET-Technologies project. Developments in the superconducting on-chip instruments for mapping the sub-millimetre wave universe in 3D at the Technical University Delft, and a space qualified platform for cryogenic detectors in space at SRON.

Important for future projects was the contribution by representatives from the Leidse Instrument Makers School (LIS) and the Hague University of Applied Sciences on the development of an educational module for vocational studies on cryogenics, to train the students in the very specific aspects of working with cryogenics in industry and in Big Science and the special needs for tools in such an environment. The workshop was well attended, and lively discussions took place both after the presentations and during the lunch, coffee breaks and drinks afterwards.